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How Look At Today’s Cast Iron?

In today’s competitive environment there is constant pressure to lower prices and to improve productivity.Design engineers need to make longer lasting components, but use of stronger, more wear-resistant materials often means increased manufacturing cost.Continuous cast iron bar stock can be an excellent alternative to steel, offering a good balance between mechanical properties—such as durability—and machinability.

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Cast iron is a generic term for a high carbon, high silicon, iron alloy. It is similar to steel in that strength, wear resistance, heat-treat response and machinability are affected by the amount of carbon in solution with the iron. Strength and wear resistance increase with the amount of combined carbon; machinability, in general, decreases.

Advances in the machining of cast iron are by no means confined to improvements in the material. Cutting tool manufacturers are coming up with products designed specifically for machining of cast iron at higher speeds and feeds to achieve dramatically shorter cycle times.

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