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How Look At Today’s Cast Iron?

In today’s competitive environment there is constant pressure to lower prices and to improve productivity.Design engineers need to make longer lasting components, but use of stronger, more wear-resistant materials often means increased manufacturing cost.Continuous cast iron bar stock can be an excellent alternative to steel, offering a good balance between mechanical properties—such as durability—and machinability.

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Cast iron is a generic term for a high carbon, high silicon, iron alloy. It is similar to steel in that strength, wear resistance, heat-treat response and machinability are affected by the amount of carbon in solution with the iron. Strength and wear resistance increase with the amount of combined carbon; machinability, in general, decreases.

Advances in the machining of cast iron are by no means confined to improvements in the material. Cutting tool manufacturers are coming up with products designed specifically for machining of cast iron at higher speeds and feeds to achieve dramatically shorter cycle times.

Over the past forty years, Hebei Machinery has been growing steadily in terms of business scope and diversification.Continuous cast iron bar and mechanical spare parts mentioned in this website are two of our most important business field.We provide you with the best products and best services.

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How to Change Your Air Filter

The car needs air just as much as it needs fuel; although filter is small and inexpensive, but it is one of the most important components in the engine system. Air filters keep the inside of the engine free of dust and insects. Replace or clean your air filter at the recommended interval to keep air flowing freely and your car running its best. Replacing air filters are not complicated, it’s quick and easy, saves your money, and sends your car down the road refreshed and renewed, so you can do this routine maintenance yourself.



  1. Get the correct replacement filter from auto parts store, you may confirm the filter as per OEM No. , you may find the OEM No. on your old filter, the number usually be printed or punched on the filters body. The OE No. just as our ID, the same filter with same OE no., so obtain the correct filter is fist step.
  1. Parking the car on level ground in the shade and apply the parking brake. Shift into first gear (manual transmission) or Park (automatic transmission), and turn off the ignition. Let the engine cool for a few minutes.
  1. While it’s cooling, go get your tools. You’ll need very few for this procedure — grab a butter knife, two medium-sized screwdrivers, one standard and one Phillips, and head back to the car.
  1. Release the bonnet with the lever inside the car. Move the exterior bonnet catch for final release. Lift the bonnet and secure it with the prop rod.
  1. Locate the air filter unit. The air filter unit is usually enclosed in a black plastic casing near the center- top of the engine, It should be the largest non-metal assembly you see.
  1. Remove the air filter Loosen the hose clamp that seals the air conduct. Undo all the screws holding the air filter cover. Some models have wing nuts; other air filters are just clamped on with a quick release system. Keep screws and other parts together and in a safe location so you can find them later. Pull the cover out of the air conduit and lift it up so it comes off the lower part of the housing. Consult a mechanic if you don’t know how to lift the cover.
  2. Take out the air filter. Now you can see a round or panel or cylindrical filter made of nonwoven cloth, paper or gauze. Filters have a rubber gasket that seals off the unit’s interior. Simply lift the filter out of the housing.
  3. Clean the air filter housing. Connect the air hose to the compressor and use the compressed air to blow out the dust, or use a vacuum cleaner to suck up any dirt.
    • Seal the air conduit with removable adhesive tape. It only takes a minute and that way you won’t get any dirt into the engine whilst cleaning.
    • The filters must not getting wet, in case the filter in moist condition, the air flow resistance will increase, and making short working life time, Meanwhile, the filter should be far away oil and fire.
  4. Replace the filter. Replace the old filter with a new one. Simply insert it into the housing with the rubber gasket facing up. Make sure the edges are sealed well by the rubber gasket.
  5. Replace the cover. Carefully insert the cover back into the air conduit and then press the entire piece down onto the lower half of the air filter unit.
    • Make sure it’s on straight and securely; otherwise you could alter engine performance. Tighten all the screws or clamps and recheck that you have put everything firmly back together by rocking the unit gently with both hands. Shut the bonnet securely
  6. Check the filter regularly to keep your car breathing at maximum efficiency by keeping the dust out.
  1. Replacing the air filter every 12 months or 12000 miles ( whichever comes first). If the car usually driving in a dusty area, it will need replacement more often. Your owner’s manual or periodic maintenance guide should have recommendations for your car.

The filter require regular looking after but this is one of the simplest and least expensive — and most important — maintenance procedures you can perform for your car. Changing your car’s filters on a regular basis can have a significant impact on engine life and performance.

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Machining Parts the best we can offer

Hebei Machinery Import and Export Co., Ltd. was transformed into a joint-stock foreign trade company in October 2005.

As its predecessor, Hebei Branch of China National Machinery Import &Export Corporation was founded in October 1974, which was the earliest export and import company focusing on mechanical and electrical products in Hebei province.

With 40 years of striving and endeavoring, Hebei Machinery Import and Export Co., Ltd. has witnessed its abundant experience, professional advantages and outstanding business portfolio, expanded import and export business, and now has become a much more capable export and import company for mechanical and electrical products in China.

Machining Parts

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Hebei Machinery has long term business relationships with local parts-makers which enable us to offer high quality OEM spare parts for clients.

Our suppliers provide conventional equipment such as lathe, milling machine, grinder, broaching machine, drilling machine, as well as CNC with high-precision devices to ensure that your drawings be carried out accordingly.

Our factories are also equipped with gear hobbing machine, gear shaping machine and gear grinding machine, which can produce gears from general precision to high precision.

Gears are produced in a wide range of models: micron/large, sprocket/straight-tooth as standard products, and other shapes customized according to the customer’s requirements.

Surface finishing service available: tempering, quenching, annealing, galvanizing, color zinc plating, chromium plating etc. Other special requirements can also be fulfilled according to your request.

Our support team offers a series of services such as technical drawing studying, quote service, production control and quality test etc. We are dedicated to helping our customers to find qualified suppliers, and to make sure that our customers enjoy the highest quality goods and services at the lowest cost.

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