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Hebei Machinery Import and Export Co., Ltd. was transformed into a joint-stock foreign trade company in October 2005.

As its predecessor, Hebei Branch of China National Machinery Import &Export Corporation was founded in October 1974, which was the earliest export and import company focusing on mechanical and electrical products in Hebei province.

With 40 years of striving and endeavoring, Hebei Machinery Import and Export Co., Ltd. has witnessed its abundant experience, professional advantages and outstanding business portfolio, expanded import and export business, and now has become a much more capable export and import company for mechanical and electrical products in China.

Machining Parts

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Hebei Machinery has long term business relationships with local parts-makers which enable us to offer high quality OEM spare parts for clients.

Our suppliers provide conventional equipment such as lathe, milling machine, grinder, broaching machine, drilling machine, as well as CNC with high-precision devices to ensure that your drawings be carried out accordingly.

Our factories are also equipped with gear hobbing machine, gear shaping machine and gear grinding machine, which can produce gears from general precision to high precision.

Gears are produced in a wide range of models: micron/large, sprocket/straight-tooth as standard products, and other shapes customized according to the customer’s requirements.

Surface finishing service available: tempering, quenching, annealing, galvanizing, color zinc plating, chromium plating etc. Other special requirements can also be fulfilled according to your request.

Our support team offers a series of services such as technical drawing studying, quote service, production control and quality test etc. We are dedicated to helping our customers to find qualified suppliers, and to make sure that our customers enjoy the highest quality goods and services at the lowest cost.

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