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Shijiazhuang Bai Qiang Industry Pump Co. Ltd.

Shijiazhuang Bai Qiang Industry Pump Co. Ltd. has always been committed to research and development, through the assimilation and absorption, transformation and self-development, so that the company’s technical advantages of living in the country at least the industry leading position and keep pace with international companies, share award. So far the company has to provide domestic and foreign markets with tens of thousands of units (sets) products. By the environmental, mining, chemical, paper, pharmaceutical, electricity, building in such diverse areas as high praise.

The company passed the ISO9002 international quality system certification. China General machinery pump job-seeking members of the Association. Product has won national and municipal scientific and technological new products technology award.

Companies always adhere to the “scientific and technological innovation”, “the quality of success” and “serving the community” business thinking; to the high-tech enterprise firmly ahead. Advocating “unity, progress, pragmatism, hard work,” corporate culture, strengthening enterprise’s cultural image, develop brand strategies, strength and confidence to meet the opportunities and challenges of WTO.

“Hand in hand with the progress, create brilliance”. Shijiazhuang top industrial pump company will sincerely and new and old customers at home and abroad sincere cooperation, common development. – See more at:

Hebei Yuanheng Stainless Products has passed the ISO 9001 Certification successfully

Congratulations! Hebei Yuanheng Stainless Products Passed the ISO9001 certification successfully.

Since the establishment, Hebei Yuanheng pays great attention to the quality control, we design and manufacture the valves and pipe fittings following the international standard such as API. ANSI. JIS.

We have acquired ISO9001 certificate, we will strictly follow the ISO quality control programm.

High efficiency vibrating sieve

This product is suitable for the first cleaning section in the flour milling plant , like the industry of milling,wheat flour milling plant,feed,chemical industry and grain processing,etc.By changing of different specification sifter ,it can clean wheat, corn, rice, oil and many other varieties of materials.
When using the machine,the vertical suction channel also can be configured for the suction separation,so that light impurity and dust clean up further.


Our factory was established in 1998, since 2009 we start import and export traid.Now GOLDRAIN is the leading and professional enterprise with wide product range includs cleaning, milling, conveying and packaging,so that we can provide turn-key services for Flour and Semolina Factories and Grain Silo.

We have built many facilities around the world. We provide not only turn-key services but also solutions to improve your existing systems.

Belt-scale-batching Fertilizer Blending Line

The belt-scale batching and fertilizer blending line is the most advanced BB fertilizer production line which is researched and developed by our company based on the actual needs of fertilizer manufactures as well as years of experience in field use of equipment. It is mainly used in the granular fertilizer batching, blending and packaging.

Outstanding features of the equipment: microcomputer-controlled, continuous mass batching, blending and packaging. The belt-scale batching and fertilizer blending line is technologically advanced and highly automated, which allows a mass production, accurate packaging and easy operation. In the design, the labor intensity for fertilizer feeding has been fully considered. The machine, with the resistance to corrosion, has a long service life. Being microcomputer-controlled, it also saves manpower. The equipment has a high cost performance, thus customers can change formula as required.


Founded in 2004, Qinhuangdao Beidou Autocontrol Equipment Co., Ltd. is a key enterprise in the field of fertilizer machinery, one of the top 100 fertilizer machine manufacturers in China, and also the national high-tech enterprise. As a professional manufacturer of modern and high-tech formula fertilizer complete equipment, it integrates product development, design, manufacturing, sales, installation and debugging into one. The company specializes in the manufacturing of BB fertilizer production lines, water soluble fertilizer production lines, belt scales, packing scales and other fertilizer equipment. Besides, the professionally manufactured equipment has won the “Chinese Famous Brand” for the company.

Veterinary Drug Classification And Profile

According to management requirements, new animal drug can be divided into:
The first class
Creation of raw and processed materials in China and its preparation (including extraction in natural medicine and novel new monomers and its preparation), study abroad is not approved for production in China. Only reports of raw and processed materials and preparations; newly discovered Chinese herbal medicine; traditional Chinese medicine new parts.
Second class
Study abroad in China has been approved for production, but not included in thenational pharmacopoeia, veterinary Pharmacopoeia or national drug standards ofraw and processed materials and its preparation. Extraction of active componentsin natural drugs and preparations.
Third class
Study abroad in China has been approved for production, and has been included in the national pharmacopoeia, veterinary Pharmacopoeia or national drug standards of raw and processed materials and preparations; natural drugs known to be effective in single use synthetic or semisynthetic raw material for producing medicines and their preparations; compounds of Western compound; Chinese and Western veterinary medicine compound preparation.
The fourth category
Change in dosage form or a change to the route of administration of the drug. New Chinese herbal preparation (including Cuba, recipe, recipes, traditional recipes);change the proprietary Chinese medicines dosage forms without changing the route of administration.
The fifth category
Indications of increased Western veterinary medicine preparations, veterinary preparations (traditional Chinese medicine).

China Colorful Aluminium Roof Tiles

Aluminium Roof  Tiles is based on Al-Zn steel. The surface and back protective films, together with the alloy composed of Aluminum and Zinc, with natural stone, provides the usage of a long time span, which no less than 30 years.

This kind of tiles could be widely used at all kinds of buildings, such as residences, hotels, villas, horticultural structures, etc.

Aluminium Roof Tiles
Aluminium Roof Tiles

Performance Terms of the Aluminium Roof Tiles:

A, This Roofing Tile is Economy – Energy saving, and this roofing tile is big acreage, and cutting down the physical distribution.

B, This Roofing Tile with Earthquake Resistance – cause of the Stone Coated Steel roofing tile is more lighter than the concrete tile.

C, This Roofing Tile with Fire Resistance – the main material of this tile are zinc-aluminium steel with the nature stone which have strong fire resistant.

D, This Roofing Tile with Construction Simple – light weight, easy to bend and cut, suitable for all kinds of building, and could repeat execution.

E, This Roofing Tile with Storm Resistance – and could reduce the noise in raining.

F, This Roofing Tile with Heavy Wind Resistance, cause we use the horizontal fixing method is resist to lift up in winding.

G, This Roofing Tile with Hail Resistance – the tile can resist cold, frozen and slip etc.

H, This Roofing Tile with Long Lifetime – the base board is zinc-aluminium which with the high corrosion resistant.

I, This Roofing Tile with Beautiful Appearance – with nature stone with varied colors.

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Choosing the best lock cylinder for everybody

Rayma International Trading Co., Ltd is a professional supplier of security lock cylinder and locks. We have more than 10 years experience on exporting security products to worldwide market.
A lock cylinder is used for cylinder lock by unscrew tools. It is easily rekeyed and easy to use with high security.

Because the cylinder is profiled euro standard,it can be used for all cylinder lock from different manufacturer. So, once user need to rekey their lock, they just need to change the lock cylinder.

The cylinder in different formats that can all be used the same type of key. This may have the user make the choice of KEY ALIKE SYSTEM,MASTER KEY SYSTEM which were convenience to use with high security.

Type of cylinder
Reversible computer key(also named Dimple key or Hollow coding) lock cylinders. 6pins / 7pins / 10 pins are available to assure the high security. Special device achieve snaping resistent.

Reversible computer key with snaking key way to supply more code combination. Also, the bump can be resistant. Teeth key cylinder with high security.
MK/KA/YKA/GMK are available

The usage of lock cylinder system :
Individually Keyed System(KD)
With an individually keyed system,each cylinder can be opened by its unique key.

Key Alike (KA)
This system allows for a number of cylinders to be operated by the same code key.It is ideally suited to residential and commercial applications such as front and back doors.

Master Keyed (MK)
A master-keyed system involves each lock having its own individual key which will not operate any other lock in the system,but where all locks can be operated by a single

master-key.This is usually applied in commercial environments.

Grand Master Keyed (GMK)
This is an extension of the master-keyed system where each lock has its own individual key and the locks are divided into 2 or more groups.Each lock group is operated by a

master-key and the entire system is operated by one grand master-key.This is ideally utilized in complex commercial systems.

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How to Choose Correct Screen Mesh Count ?

Here is a practical chart that any screen printer can use when choosing mesh counts. It will give you an idea of what mesh count to use for each printing job.
(If mesh counts are slightly different that those indicated below, small deviations from these numbers is not critical. Purchase the next closest size that is available.)
24 Mesh — Glitter inks
30 Mesh — Shimmer/ Crystalina inks
60 Mesh — Team Wear, player numbers, puff inks, metallic inks.
83 Mesh — Cold Peel & Hot Split transfers, heavy white underbase.
109 Mesh — Regular artwork with average details, no very fine lines or halftones
125 Mesh –Regular artwork with average details, no very fine lines or halftones
140 Mesh — Regular artwork with average details, no very fine lines or halftones
162 Mesh — Semi-detailed artwork, large halftones.
200 Mesh — Underbase for detailed prints, detailed artwork, halftones, index color
230 Mesh — Very detailed artwork, halftones, index color
305 Mesh — 4 color process color printing, overprint colors for simulated-process, fine halftones, very detailed art.
Warmly note: If mesh counts are slightly different that those indicated below, small deviations from these numbers is not critical. Purchase the next closest size that is available.
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How Look At Today’s Cast Iron?

In today’s competitive environment there is constant pressure to lower prices and to improve productivity.Design engineers need to make longer lasting components, but use of stronger, more wear-resistant materials often means increased manufacturing cost.Continuous cast iron bar stock can be an excellent alternative to steel, offering a good balance between mechanical properties—such as durability—and machinability.

01 sp11 sp20

Cast iron is a generic term for a high carbon, high silicon, iron alloy. It is similar to steel in that strength, wear resistance, heat-treat response and machinability are affected by the amount of carbon in solution with the iron. Strength and wear resistance increase with the amount of combined carbon; machinability, in general, decreases.

Advances in the machining of cast iron are by no means confined to improvements in the material. Cutting tool manufacturers are coming up with products designed specifically for machining of cast iron at higher speeds and feeds to achieve dramatically shorter cycle times.

Over the past forty years, Hebei Machinery has been growing steadily in terms of business scope and diversification.Continuous cast iron bar and mechanical spare parts mentioned in this website are two of our most important business field.We provide you with the best products and best services.

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How to Change Your Air Filter

The car needs air just as much as it needs fuel; although filter is small and inexpensive, but it is one of the most important components in the engine system. Air filters keep the inside of the engine free of dust and insects. Replace or clean your air filter at the recommended interval to keep air flowing freely and your car running its best. Replacing air filters are not complicated, it’s quick and easy, saves your money, and sends your car down the road refreshed and renewed, so you can do this routine maintenance yourself.



  1. Get the correct replacement filter from auto parts store, you may confirm the filter as per OEM No. , you may find the OEM No. on your old filter, the number usually be printed or punched on the filters body. The OE No. just as our ID, the same filter with same OE no., so obtain the correct filter is fist step.
  1. Parking the car on level ground in the shade and apply the parking brake. Shift into first gear (manual transmission) or Park (automatic transmission), and turn off the ignition. Let the engine cool for a few minutes.
  1. While it’s cooling, go get your tools. You’ll need very few for this procedure — grab a butter knife, two medium-sized screwdrivers, one standard and one Phillips, and head back to the car.
  1. Release the bonnet with the lever inside the car. Move the exterior bonnet catch for final release. Lift the bonnet and secure it with the prop rod.
  1. Locate the air filter unit. The air filter unit is usually enclosed in a black plastic casing near the center- top of the engine, It should be the largest non-metal assembly you see.
  1. Remove the air filter Loosen the hose clamp that seals the air conduct. Undo all the screws holding the air filter cover. Some models have wing nuts; other air filters are just clamped on with a quick release system. Keep screws and other parts together and in a safe location so you can find them later. Pull the cover out of the air conduit and lift it up so it comes off the lower part of the housing. Consult a mechanic if you don’t know how to lift the cover.
  2. Take out the air filter. Now you can see a round or panel or cylindrical filter made of nonwoven cloth, paper or gauze. Filters have a rubber gasket that seals off the unit’s interior. Simply lift the filter out of the housing.
  3. Clean the air filter housing. Connect the air hose to the compressor and use the compressed air to blow out the dust, or use a vacuum cleaner to suck up any dirt.
    • Seal the air conduit with removable adhesive tape. It only takes a minute and that way you won’t get any dirt into the engine whilst cleaning.
    • The filters must not getting wet, in case the filter in moist condition, the air flow resistance will increase, and making short working life time, Meanwhile, the filter should be far away oil and fire.
  4. Replace the filter. Replace the old filter with a new one. Simply insert it into the housing with the rubber gasket facing up. Make sure the edges are sealed well by the rubber gasket.
  5. Replace the cover. Carefully insert the cover back into the air conduit and then press the entire piece down onto the lower half of the air filter unit.
    • Make sure it’s on straight and securely; otherwise you could alter engine performance. Tighten all the screws or clamps and recheck that you have put everything firmly back together by rocking the unit gently with both hands. Shut the bonnet securely
  6. Check the filter regularly to keep your car breathing at maximum efficiency by keeping the dust out.
  1. Replacing the air filter every 12 months or 12000 miles ( whichever comes first). If the car usually driving in a dusty area, it will need replacement more often. Your owner’s manual or periodic maintenance guide should have recommendations for your car.

The filter require regular looking after but this is one of the simplest and least expensive — and most important — maintenance procedures you can perform for your car. Changing your car’s filters on a regular basis can have a significant impact on engine life and performance.

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